About Section

With over 20 years of commercial experience, including 10 as CEO of a private company, my success has been built on helping individuals and teams to establish WHAT they want to achieve, WHY and HOW.

Having experienced the highs, the lows (and the loneliness!) of being a CEO, coupled the pressures and complexity that come with taking over responsibility for a family business and navigating the ensuing challenges both inside the workplace and within the family setting, I now spend my time helping individuals and organisations to achieve success by providing Executive (Professional) Coaching & Personal Development Coaching to ambitious leaders who want to grow themselves and their business.

My coaching style has been described as focused, insightful, non-judgemental and results orientated and the combination of my professional training and commercial experience enable me to tailor my style to your needs, without compromising results

I am available for coaching in-person in London or alternatively I am available on Zoom LinkedIn Contact